The Crossroads

A loner, a rebel, a wanderer in blue suede
Solemn faces in strange places peer out from the shade
Old trucks, gravel roads and sunsets that never fade

The Crossroads await
  the weak, it's their fate

Dusty windows and verandahs heaped in front of shadows
The sunlit strip leads the soul where the street goes
Beyond where the sleep grows, and on to sweet meadows

The Crossroads are calling
  foundations are falling

Cool winds blow up dust and rock an old lonely tree
The keeper of time falls down to one knee
To moan and to beckon, he can set you free

The Crossroads await
  the meek seek the bait

The music dies down and floats over the ground
The silence is heavy and there's hardly a sound
Course and domain bound, the source of your pain found

The Crossroads are calling
  your spirit is falling

Shallow and flat lives the lie of the land
With hopes to spare, hollow air and hot sand
So still it will wait and hold out a hand

The Crossroads await
  keeping open the gate

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